Introducing "ALYX"


The Blood Center of New Jersey is using state-of-the art automated blood collections utilizing new technology from Baxter Healthcare.  This will allow you to donate two units of red cells in just one visit! 

With an aging New Jersey population, an increasing number of surgeries that require blood transfusions, and an increasing number of deferrals of donors due to new regulations, the need for more red blood cells and more donors has reached a critical point.  The current supply cannot keep up with demand.  Every day fewer and fewer red blood cells are available for those in critical need.

In the face of this growing need, every donation is even more important.  Now with the new Alyx system, many donors will be able to touch more lives with their gift of life.

Bill Clark of Randolph makes his second Alyx donation at the Regional Donor Center at Parsippany on his birthday! An Alyx machine is now permanently placed in Parsippany for the convenience of donors in the area. This photo was taken at a special "Alyx" drive featuring a birthday cake presented to Bill from Za Za Chamberlain of the Blood Center of New Jersey.
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Don Swartz the Manager of Information Systems at the blood center also donated at this special Alyx drive.  "I've donated Whole Blood over 60 times with the last two being on the Alyx machine.  This is definitely my preferred method of giving blood."

 Guide for Blood Drive Chairpersons
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What does it mean to donate with the Alyx System?

Blood contains red cells, plasma and platelets. Red blood cells are an absolutely essential component in emergency medical situations and can mean the difference between life and death for trauma victims and those undergoing surgery. Red blood cells are also used to treat people with certain types of cancer and sickle cell anemia. Because red blood cells are so essential, they are also the most needed blood component – with approximately 14 million units transfused every year.

Systems that collect individual blood components have been in use for over 20 years, safely providing millions of doses of platelets and plasma. The new Alyx System specifically collects red blood cells and helps increase the supply of this critically needed blood component. 

If you qualify to donate with the Alyx System, you can safely and comfortably provide two units of red blood cells with one donation – and touch more lives.



How can you touch more lives?

To qualify as a donor on the Alyx System, males must be at least 5’ 1” and weigh at least 130 pounds, and women must be at least 5’ 5” and weigh at least 150 pounds.



Why are the donor requirements different for men and women?

Men and women have different total blood volumes. Even for men and women of the same weight, their blood volumes will differ.  Because of this difference, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has established different donor requirements for men and women.



How long does it take?

A typical donation on the Alyx System takes just 20 to 25 minutes.



Is there any discomfort?

The Alyx System uses a needle that is smaller than the one used for whole blood collection, so you may find it more comfortable. Some donors may feel a slight tingling of lips, or a slight chill. If at any point, you’re experiencing discomfort – tell your donor technician.



Should I do anything different after donating with the Alyx System?

Just as with a whole blood donation, donors should drink plenty of fluids; and refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours immediately following donation.



If I wanted to donate with the Alyx, what would I do?

Alyx machines are now available at the West Orange donor center and at many community and corporate blood drives throughout the area.  It is likely you may see the Alyx where you go to donate.  However, certain sites may not have enough room for Alyx or the machines may be out at other locations.  You may not know if Alyx will be at your drive or not.  But please ask about Alyx wherever you go!



Will this donation count as two donations in my total?

Yes.  Because you must wait twice as long after your double red cell donation (112 days), your donation will be counted as two, for milestone purposes.


Touch more lives with the Alyx System.

More than ever before, the gift of your blood donation is needed. And more than ever before, the Alyx System allows donors like you to extend your gift further and touch more lives.

See 03/12/03 News Release
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